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Trout Fishing 101

No matter how long you have been fishing or how many fishermen you have been around, they often make a common mistake and that is using a line that is far too heavy for trout fishing.  It can be the reason why your last fishing trip was completely unsuccessful.  The right size line should be one of the first things you learn when you start trout fishing.  Trout fishing 101 if you please.

The Right Line

One of the biggest reasons why you aren’t catching any fish is because of the line that you’re using.  You have to understand that trout actually have pretty keen eyesight and they can actually tell when the line is too heavy.  Another thing that you should know is that trout can be found in clear and colder water most of the time.  This clear water makes the line that much easier to see under the water.

That is why you should use a lighter line while you are trout fishing.  You can try using four pound test monofilament when you first start out.  There are brands that are available in a clear blue color making it invisible under water, but you as the angler can see it perfectly out of the water.  You want to be able to see the line while it is out of the water.  While you can get away with a line that is six pound test, don’t go any heavier.  On the lighter side a two pound test is too difficult to tie knots with that’s why four pound test is pretty much ideal.  Here is some help choosing a line.

Test it Yourself

You can try a real world test, we did to see just how much the right line would affect your catch and how trout will bite.  Our bait of choice is pretty simple, live worms that are on a set of gang hooks.  Initially we tried the worms with a line made of six pound test and while we caught a couple of trout, they were very small and ultimately we through them back in the lake.  We then tried tying off gang hooks with live worms on a line of four pound test to see if it would have any effect on the catch.  The difference was immediately noticeable when within a few minutes we managed to reel in a 15 inch trout, and an even bigger one a short time later.

If you are struggling to catch a trout the first thing you need to check is the line you are using, it may not be a bad fishing spot after all.