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Lake Fishing 101: The Basics

Well you been craving to get out of the house and get into nature and you decided “Well I’ll do a little fishing today!” There’s always different places to go fishing such as lakes, streams, river’s, and of course oceans. All these are great fishing locations that don’t need a boat because you can use the banks or shorelines unless you are an advanced fisherman who prefers using a boat.

What Fishing Equipment Do I need?

The list could be long but for beginner’s keep it simple depending on what type of fishing that you are going to do. The hardest type of fishing is fly fishing and there are many videos out there especially from fly fishing experts, but to keep things simple and less complicated a cheap fishing pole or even a cane pole with a bobber would work and of course a tackle box with some gear to start.

You will need some type of bait depending on what type of fish that you will be fishing for. Most baits are artificial so buying fishing lure’s is a plus, but a lot of people will use chicken necks, worms, and just bread. When it comes to bait people are superstitious in what they use, so they will tell you what they use and what works best and nine out of ten times it does. Most people that fish prefer to stand but bring a foldable chair and especially an ice chest to put your fish in that’s if you catch anything at the end of the day. Your fishing skills will increase in time and your tackle box will become larger too, so don’t worry!

Will I need A Fishing License?

Depending on what age you are in your state and county, yes! There will be a small fee most likely it will be under $100 but it is valid for a year but check your state to make sure. Your license will either be for freshwater or saltwater or you can buy both. In certain states there will be certain fish that have a limit that you’re allowed to catch and what time of the year that you can catch a specific fish. You can find this information either online or at a tag and title place.

Extra Thoughts to Think About Before Fishing

Dress appropriately it will get hot! Use sun screen and bug repellent if needed. Most of all drink plenty of water so you do not get dehydrated especially if you go deep sea fishing, and above all else just relax and enjoy the moment its part of fishing.