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Fishing Tips for Beginners

Summertime has rolled around once again and it is time to hit the lakes and get in some fishing.  If you are new to fishing and it is going to be your first time out it can all seem a bit confusing with lures, bait, flys and the rest of the fishing gear.  Fishing doesn’t have to be that complicated, here are some fishing tips for the beginner to get your first fishing trip off right.

Get the Rigging Right

If you want a successful fishing trip then you need to make sure the rigging is right.  When you have a well tied fishing knot it won’t break when you add in the hook.  If you want fish to bite then your knots need to look at natural as possible.  There are a multitude of ways to tie a knot, the one you use will depend on what you are fishing for.  Here are some of the knots use in fly fishing.

Make Sure the Lure Looks Natural

The bait and lure you use needs to move through the water naturally and look as close as possible to a real fish.  Many believe that if you cast your line out and reel it back in quickly but that is too quick and doesn’t really look natural.  Cast out and reel in slower to make sure that the lure resembles what it is supposed to.  Give yourself the chance to attract the attention of the fish you’re trying to catch.

Fish at Different Depths

There are plenty of people that fish at the top of the water their first time out but that isn’t really where the fish live and you may end up going home empty handed.  If you have a boat you can head out to deeper water and have a better chance at catching something.  You may have to add some weight to your line so that it sinks deeper.  You can always start out surface fishing but if you aren’t getting a bite it is time to look for deeper water.

Be Prepared to Move

If you have been fishing in the same spot and have tried different bait and lures and you’re still not catching anything then it is time to move to a different spot.  You are going to have to go and find the fish.  If you are in a boat then cast out in different directions before you move on.  Fish can be hiding anywhere so if you aren’t having any luck then try a different spot.

Give these tips a try your first couple of times out and you should be able to reel in a fish or two.